Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my fault

It gratifies you when things go your way
As you find yourself molding me
Into a pleasure you can enjoy
But when I digress
You wander away,
Using your lack of love as your compass
Because why would you stay
When you didn't promise me a thing
You take, when you believe I'm on the same page
You give what I'm not seeking
My sordid affection comes from darkness
That you find appealing
Is it my fault that I'm broken
Is it my fault that you're weak
The correlation between the two is so fine
It melts the boundaries
I swim in deeper darkness
When you unapologetically confuse
Your mistakes
With my intentions
It is my fault
It is my fault
I let my guard down
And you mistook me for a fool
I mistook you for a lover

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