Friday, August 9, 2013


Many a night I lingered in the doorway
Glancing upon the road so empty
Under the massive sky, where the moon was lonely
The distance between us would scream
While the wounds became restless
My heart ached for release
As the chains had grown in weight
I was left with a lot of wonderments
Curiosities that plagued the mind
Your words bounced against a wall
Simply collapsing to the floor
How naive was I, striving to catch every syllable
Within the palms of my hands
Only to watch it dissipating like quicksand
I don’t remember being angry
I don’t remember being afraid
But I’d be free when you go
I could be free if I let go
Unconvinced, I am inextricably bound
Like a permanent mark that won’t fade
Indistinguishable reminders of regret
Between every thread of hope
I faltered with a heavy spirit
As my mind wandered familiar paths
Roaming in the vicinity of your heart
Uncertain steps fumbling towards your walls
Eyes searching for affirmations
Only to be met by a void
I remember being hurt
I remember being confused
I know I could be free
If I would just let go

February 21, 2012

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