Friday, August 9, 2013


I'm fading, but you can still find me
I'm broken, but you can still fix me
What an obscurity, I bled chaoticly
Wandering aimlessly,
Almost wanting to say something
Always almost
Stuck in the middle of every conversation
Drifting away, almost a rhythmic abstraction
Always almost
Do I say hello? or goodbye?
But my words are a whisper, echoing within me
Oh you overpower me, devour me
Don't know where I begin or end
I'm fading, but you can still find me
I'm broken
But I'm sure you can still fix me
What a tragedy, I fell thoughtlessly
Crashed carelessly
A lonely solitude in need of something to hold onto
Grabbing onto that which taunts me
Intrigued by trap of stability
Dancing to the tune of your voice
Sensual, calming
Refreshing, intoxicating
Scented and smeared with love
I'm sinking, oh you should catch me
I'm crying, you should hold me
I'm failing, could you save me?
Always almost
I'm waiting, but you can still leave me

November 7, 2011

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