Thursday, August 15, 2013

an ode

here's an ode
to the spaces between us
it fascinates me
your words
they carry me through darkness
like a lamp dimly lit
but how does it burn for so long?
(maybe we should let the world know
that words* aren't the only fuel)
your silences*, they too supply power
i took both, as well as your glances
creating threads of harmony
sewing together an embrace
that i wrap myself in shamelessly
here's an ode
to the mysteries of our hearts
and what was never said
of my truth and your crime
but don't mind me
i have no complaints of you
i despair of your coming someday
to fill up all my senses
i've drank all i could tonight
from the memories of your lingering touches
the flame still ablaze
i stumble down those pathways
using your light
(kiss me)
(kiss me)
(kiss me)
here's an ode
an ode
an ode
to that kiss.

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