Monday, September 2, 2013

namely you

the peculiarity of our first meeting, a period before you made yourself comfortable in my narrative, i envy myself for what i didn't know then, for possessing the courage of flouncing to a stranger, a singular face, just another soul, another profile in the midst of a crowd, while guilelessly carrying a rabid curiosity, piqued by speculations of what made you who you were, but now there's the merciless question of whether you intend to stay, precipitating obscure hesitations, torn between gravitating towards you and running away, fumbling for direction, stumbling for an anchor, feeling simply mad at our interplay, which is so precious to me but (i think) ordinary to you, and i continue to ponder, from where did this longing come, confused in regards to which way is home, when your eyes vow assurance of trust, hope, and care, descending to depths i don't comprehend, leaving me quieter, at a loss for finer words that fit in between us, and i don't even have to ask about these nuances, (i know) you know, you absolutely know, grounding me in simplistic lessons i've otherwise missed, tip-toeing to flares within the darkness, discovering freedom within confinements, embracing peace within restlessness, two shadows mingling, you leave a mark so violent, i worry, i naturally worry because to be honest, i have yet to say your name, now that (i believe) you hold enough meaning, you turn to me no matter what i call out, and you even answer to my speechlessness.

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